The Zombie Crawl!

So I am working on an upcoming project and got a little carried away last night. For some reason I just love gore and all things horror. I usually work the Thrill St. Pete Event in Pinellas County where tons of zombies get together to do the Thriller dance from Michael Jackson. It is incredible and so much fun! I absolutely cannot wait until this year as I will have my zombie designs perfected.


A zombie facepaint I did, got a little carried away.

Something about completely changing a person’s appearance really is alluring to me. I guess that is why I do a lot of dragons, zombies and horror – you really can’t recognize the person after the paint is on. So I guess I should work on some of my pretty designs and girlie things to balance out this horror event – but honestly, I just want to try a few more zombie ideas!

Lorrin is available for facepaint in the Tampa and surrounding areas. She does special appointments as well as parties and events. More information can be found at



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