Planning the perfect party!

It can be daunting trying to plan the perfect party for your child and then actually be present to enjoy it! I go to A LOT of birthday parties and celebrations and have gotten some great ideas to help you enjoy and plan the best event possible. Here are the top 5 suggestions to make the most of the event:
1. Plan ahead! Try planning the details of the party out, such as what time you will arrive to set up and decorate, what time will food or cake happen, will there be any games or entertainment? Just remember, even though it is all planned out, it is best to be flexible as the day many not go exactly as planned and you may have to just go with the flow.
2. Pre-pay vendors or have checks written/cash in envelopes at the event. This will allow you to not go digging for the checkbook, looking for a pen or trying to make change or tips on the spot. It will also save errors if they state a different price or you want to tip but didn’t have the correct change. Label everything and put them in envelopes in a special spot so you can easily grab them on demand.
3. Ask for help! Family and friends are there for you and willing and able to help with so many tasks. If you just reach out and assign one task to a person the work is spread out and not left all on your shoulders.
4. Let the kids be kids! Sometimes planned games and functions are wonderful for the children and sometimes it is great to just let them play tag or any game they invent. Kids love to have free play so if you have a lot planned just make sure you allot some of your time to allow them to just do whatever they want. Having stations where they can come and go is great as they get to choose what they want.
5. Enjoy the moment! These moments only last a short while and before you know it your little adorable chubby cheeked kid will be big and moving out. Enjoy the day, the moment and the craziness; put the camera down and take mental images of all the fun happening all around.

No matter what you do before the day of the event, remember to have fun, play with your kids and take time to socialize with the other parents. This is a day of celebration for you too, you got them there without too many problems and the kids will have a great time no matter what so you should too!


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